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The Wonderment That Is Thailand

Culture of Thailand

The Thai people place great emphasis on courtesy and politeness. Many of their rules of etiquette stem from the Buddhist religion. Some ninety percent of Thai people are Buddhist. In fact, openly criticizing someone is considered a form of violence.

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The “wai” is the traditional form of greeting given by a person of lower status to a person of higher status. Also, when Thai people refer to one another, they use first names rather than surnames. These first names are preceded by the honorific title “khun.” This title is appropriate for both men and women, and it is an all-purpose form of address.

If you are a dinner guest at a Thai person’s home, take care to arrive on-time and also take notice if the host is wearing shoes; if they are not, you, too, should follow suit and remove your shoes.

Thai Cuisine

Speaking of dining, Thai cuisine is made from wonderful items like chili, lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, shallots, mushrooms and a wide variety of seafood. A very popular salad is a spicy papaya salad blended with the eponymous fruit, shrimp, crab, garlic, green beans and a host of other items that come together making this a favorite dish.


Coconut is a very popular cooking item in Thai food, and Tom Kha Kai (chicken in coconut soup), is made with chilis, crushed shallots, chicken and coconut milk. Gaeng Daeng (red curry) is another popular that utilizes another very popular ingredient in Thai cooking. Curry can be found in many dishes.

Fresh vegetables, fish and pungent spices are the hallmarks of most Thai dishes.

Interesting Facts About Thailand

Thailand was known as Siam, until 1939. It was again referred to as Siam from 1945 to 1949.

This country, which is the biggest exporter of rice, also has a coastline that is over 3200 kilometers long. Their political system is akin to that of England as it is a constitutional monarchy.

At one time, buildings in Bangkok were elevated on stilts as the city was filled with canals. Of course, during rainy season this could easily mean destruction of homes, but nowadays most of the canals have been filled.

It is illegal to step on any Thai currency, to drive shirtless, and it is also illegal to leave your house without underwear on! A few things to bear in mind if visiting!